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As a teacher it is very important to me to have the best materials available for my students. I am always researching new books, reviewing pedagogy publications for new theories and practice tips, and I study my students to better learn how they learn.

In the studio are:

  • Two concert grand pianos: a 7’5″ Kawai GS-70 and a 7’4″ Yamaha C7.

“Concert” refers to the size of the grand piano: while there is no absolute standard, a piano between approximately 7′ and 10′ is considered a “concert grand”. Having two excellent pianos in the studio gives my students the opportunity to fully explore piano literature with all its nuances.

  • Adjustable benches and an adjustable foot pedal stool to accommodate pianists of all sizes
  • all kinds of electronics to help create videos; music notation software to create and edit music scores, etc.
  • Extensive music library, including sheet music, audio material, videos, and reference material

While I enjoy teaching, it is not something I do on the side, something I do “just for fun”. I am a professional piano teacher.

What does that mean?

I am a professional in the same way your doctor or attorney is a professional:  it means that I am an expert with specialized knowledge in piano performance and pedagogy (the art of teaching), based on rigorous formal training which, for me, started when I was nine years old; constant continuing education with regard to both playing the piano and teaching; membership in professional organizations. It also means that I run my studio as a business: I keep books, I employ an accountant, I pay taxes.

I provide a spacious studio with two grand pianos each of which costs upward of $50,000 new, and which I keep in top shape with the help of a professional piano technician; library of hundreds of music scores which I’ve been accumulating since I first started studying the piano  and to which I constantly add; ever-expanding library of books on music, piano, history, teaching, learning; library of CD’s and videos in addition to online access to music recordings; dedicated studio computer and iPad, educational software.

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Office Hours:  Mon – Sat  9 AM – 9 PM
Teaching Hours:  Mon – Fri  3 PM – 7 PM . Sat 11 AM – 1 PM

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